Onsite and Offsite Marketing Audits

The speed of digital marketing doesn’t slow down, but in the midst of all your urgent tasks, it’s important to know if your marketing initiatives are effective and achieving the results you want and need them to.

Good marketing decisions require good information, trustworthy and useful data, and careful analysis that’s built around business impact. Let a Data Dames’ digital marketing assessment help you make good marketing decisions. Find out if your website is working, how you stack up against your competitors online, and how visible and engaging your brand is in the digital spaces that matter to you.

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Digital Marketing Target Concept

Does My Website Work?

Your website is a powerful marketing and branding tool. Do you know if it’s helping you meet your marketing objectives? What are you gleaning from your data? Is anything (technical or otherwise) holding your site back from attaining the results you want?

With our Website Strengths & Opportunities Assessment, we’ll do a deep dive into your data and all the technical SEO aspects of your site to find key business insights.

How Competitive Is My Business Online?

As the amount of online content grows, so does the competitive nature of digital marketing. How do you stack up against your top competitors?

With our Competitive Keywords & Content Assessment, we’ll give you not only a comparison of your organization’s current performance, but also opportunities you can take advantage of with keywords, content, and backlinks. Find out what qualifies as good content in your market for the audience(s) you’re trying to reach. We’ll juxtapose your rankings and content against what’s performing best in your industry and what your current and potential customers are looking for.

Target Bullseye for Competitor Analysis Concept
Content and Social Media Audit Concept

How Visible & Engaging Is My Brand?

Get a snapshot of where your brand stands with offsite visibility and engagement and how that translates into onsite behavior.

Our Offsite Marketing Assessment will take an extensive look at your presence (and that of your competitors) on social media, in traditional media and trade publications, and in user generated content. From there, we’ll assess how all that affects your website, brand searches, backlinks, and more. We’ll also provide detailed recommendations about ways to develop an outreach and messaging strategy that fits your brand and attracts new business.

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