When time and resources are limited, businesses need to get the most from their digital marketing. The Meaningful, Measurable Marketing podcast (affectionately known as the Mmmarketing podcast) is designed to help in-house marketers successfully use digital marketing strategy and data analytics to accomplish business objectives and goals. Join Jen and Annalisa, the dynamic Data Dames Marketing duo, as they speak to listeners who lead a small or one-person marketing team.

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‘Yes Buts’ Of Digital Marketing: Search Engine Marketing

In a new four-part series called “Yes Buts” of Digital Marketing, Jen and Annalisa cover four key tactics common in digital marketing that may or may not be something a small or one-person marketing team should add to their strategy. Episode one focuses on search engine marketing, or paid ads.


Why Website Marketing, Website Design & Website Development Aren’t Synonyms

Even among marketing professionals, the terms website marketing, website design, and website development are used interchangeably, but they are not the same. The Data Dames explain the difference between them and why website projects should always start with website marketing.

Meaningful, Measurable Marketing

Considerations When Vetting Digital Marketers

In episode two of Meaningful, Measurable Marketing, Annalisa Hilliard and Jen Carroll with Data Dames Marketing talk about things to keep in mind when vetting a digital marketing agency, freelancer, or consultant. They provide several red flags to look for as you seek the right digital marketer fit with your in-house team, as well as...

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Meaningful, Measurable Marketing Introductory Episode

Meet the dynamic Data Dames Marketing duo of Jen Carroll and Annalisa Hilliard in their introductory podcast episode of Meaningful, Measurable Marketing. Join them as the um and uh their way through the importance of objectives and goals, as well as the importance of being data informed. Small business shoutout in this episode: Market Garden...