Marketing Challenges Our Clients Face

Our clients tell us their biggest marketing challenges include:

  • Covering all the bases with a small or one-person marketing team.
  • Developing a cohesive plan that brings onsite, offsite, and offline marketing together.
  • Integrating marketing, sales, and customer service initiatives.
  • Tying their marketing efforts to meaningful metrics and, ultimately, to business impact.

To help our clients, we offer digital marketing services at two different levels.

More About Our Services
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How We Help With A Total Marketing Strategy Process

Marketing Strategy Roadmap


We work with you to develop a marketing alignment plan based around the business objectives and goals your organization wants to achieve. This includes engaging with your sales and customer service teams.

Puzzle Pieces of Marketing Implementation


If your marketing alignment plan includes SEO, content, social media, or web analytics, we've got the know-how to lead these initiatives. If you need other marketing specialties, we help you find the right people and build a strong team.

Analytics Data Snapshot


We set up, monitor, and analyze your data analytics, a process that's essential to determining the business impact of your marketing plan, as well as what marketing strategies you should explore next.

Benefits of Working With The Dames

If you need help managing your marketing or want to create a marketing team quickly and cost effectively, partner with the Data Dames. As consultants who roll up our sleeves to help clients do what it takes to succeed, we offer in-depth digital marketing knowledge and services, integration of offsite and offline marketing tactics, sales enablement, and access to our network of other marketing professionals—all without the organizational layers and expense of an agency.

Clients We've Helped


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